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AWS Quick Start Macros

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The Getting Started Macros Widget is a default Widget in the Overview tab of the Dashboard. Getting Started Macros allows users to choose a Macro to launch one of our pre-configured Deployments. Each pre-configured Deployment includes a RightScale ServerTemplate that's conveniently set up with all the required configuration details.


Macro Execution 

After choosing a Macro, click the Run Macro action button.  A dialog box will pop up to show the progress of the Macro.

  • Once completed, click OK.  You will be directed back to the Servers tab of the Dashboard, and your Deployment is ready to be used.
  • You can see information about the Server assets you are about to deploy.  This includes the ServerTemplate that will be used to boot up the Server, install the appropriate applications and automatically establish all the relevant connections.

Launching your Macro

After selecting the Macro you would like to run, you will be directed to the Servers tab with your new Deployment equipped with all the necessary ServerTemplates ready to be launched.

You can also track the status of your server launch as it transitions from booting to operational. Once it's operational, you can access your application by clicking on the server nickname and then on the public DNS link on the next screen.

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