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Why is the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) unavailable?

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Background Information

There is a Server in a Deployment or an MultiCloud Image (MCI) that's referencing an Amazon Machine Image that's not available to you.  You will not be able to launch an instance if the image is unavailable.  Before you can successfully launch the Server you will need to resolve this issue. 

You don't understand why you're seeing this message.


When viewing the Clouds tab of a MCI, you may see an error message that the image is unavailable.


When viewing a Server's Info tab, you may see a "no matching image is available" error message.




Scenario 1
Perhaps it was a custom image that belonged to your AWS account and the image itself was accidentally deleted or unregistered by someone with access to your AWS account. As a result, a Server that you defined in the past inside the RightScale Dashboard is now referencing an image that is no longer available.  If the image's files were deleted or you cannot reregister the image, you will need to select a different image.

Scenario 2
Or perhaps you've run a Macro to create a Deployment or are using a ServerTemplate that was shared with you from another RightScale account.  The problem is that the MultiCloud Image that was used by the ServerTemplate to create the Server in your Deployment is referencing a private image (AMI).  Most likely the image that you're trying to use is a custom image that was built in a different account.  Unless they remembered to also share that image with you or made the image publicly available to everyone, you will not be allowed to use that image to launch instances from your RightScale account.

The solution to the problem is that they will need to grant your account access so that you can use that image to launch instances in your account.  They can either share that image with your AWS Account directly or make it publicly available.  See Share an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

Once they've made that image available to you, the warning message will disappear. 

Note: It may take several minutes for the change to take effect.  You may need to requery EC2 images for your AWS account.  Go to Cloud -> AWS Region -> EC2 Images, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "query EC2" text link.

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