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Which images provide the EC2 ephemeral disks I need?

Background Information

AWS EC2 provides a variety of instance types with a wide range of different block device setups for instance storage and swap disks. Additionally, RightScale has registered RightImages with different defaults, it can be difficult to determine the configuration you require, e.g. to have 1 or more ephemeral disks attached to your instance.


Firstly, its important to understand that 'S3-backed' or instance-store based images reserve block devices for each ephemeral disk the instance type provides.

For example, if a server is launched with the m3.xlarge instance type using an instance-store AMI, both ephemeral SSD drives will be attached (/dev/sdb and /dev/sdc respectively). This is different to 'EBS-backed' images which determine attachment of the ephemeral disks by the block device mapping in the image registration.

Use Cases

Lets simplify MultiCloud Image selection based around different needs and how they relate to RightScale's v13 MCI publications.

"I want to use both SSD disks with an m3.xlarge"


"I want to use all 24 SSD disks with an hs1.8xlarge"
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