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How do I manually update HVM RightImages to support additional ephemeral drives?

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Background Information

EBS (Elastic Block Storage)-backed RightImages, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based images, will only attach one ephemeral disk regardless of instance size, while S3 (instance store)-backed instances will vary the number of ephemeral drives attached at boot time based on instance size.


Use the following steps to create EBS-backed images that support more than one ephemeral drive.

  1. Login to the AWS console directly.
  2. Select EC2.
  3. Click the Launch Instance button.
  4. Select Community AMIs.
  5. Search for "rightimage hvm" and the supported OS and version (optional).




  1. Press the Select button and choose the instance type that you would like to work with and click “Next: Configure Instance Details".



  1. Click “Next: Add Storage”.
  2. Ensure that the correct number of “Instance Store” drives are listed in the table, and click Review and Launch.



  1. Click the Launch button, select your SSH Key, and hit “Launch Instances”.
  2. View the instance and wait for it to be “Running”.
  3. Right-click on the Instance and select “Create Image”.
  4. In the Create Image dialog, enter a name for the image and click "Create Image".




  1. View the Image and wait for the image creation to complete.
  2. Clone the MultiCloud Image and replace it with your new image.
  3. Change your ServerTemplate to use the new MultiCloud Image.
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