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AWS Limits

Disclaimer: We make a best effort to remain current with specific cloud resource limits, but please consider information from the Cloud Provider to be definitive if there is ever a discrepancy. 

Soft Limits

Resource Default Limit Change Request
EC2 Instance 20 per region EC2 Instance Limit Increase Request
Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

Per account:

  • 20 TiB in total Standard volume storage
  • 10,000 Provisioned IOPS or 20 TiB in total Provisioned IOPS volume storage (whichever is reached first)
  • 5 concurrent snapshot copies to a single EC2 destination region
  • 5,000 total volumes per account
  • 10000 total snapshots per account
EBS Volume Limit Increase Request
Elastic IP (EIP) 5 per region Elastic IP Limit Increase Request
Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) 10 Elastic Load Balancer Limit Increase Request
Cluster Compute Instance (CCI) 8 Cluster Compute Instance Limit Increase Request
High I/O Instance 2 High I/O Instance Limit Increase Request
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) 5 Virtual Private Cloud Limit Increase Request
Email sent from AWS accounts   Request to Remove Email Sending Limitations

Hard Limits

Resource Limit
Security Groups

EC2-Classic - Maximum 500 Security Groups with up to 100 rules/permissions each

EC2-VPC - Max 100 Security Groups per VPC.

Network Interfaces (ENI) and Private IP Addresses

Amazon also imposes limits on the maximum number of Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI) per instance type, and the maximum number of private IP addresses per ENI. ENIs and multiple private IP addresses are only available for instances running in a Virtual Private Cloud.

Please see the AWS article Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI) for additional information.

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