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Increase my AWS limits (EC2, EBS, ELB, EIP, Email)

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Amazon imposes initial limits on several of its resources (EC2 instances, EBS Snapshots, EBS Volumes, ELB, and Elastic IPs) in order to discourage inappropriate consumption.  Although each AWS account has several default resource limitations, you can make a request to Amazon to increase these limits when necessary.

In order for you to increase your limits with Amazon you will need to fill out a different web form for each type of resource:



Hard Limits

AWS enforces maximum limits on certain resources for which you cannot make an increase request.

  • EC2 Security Groups (EC2 Classic)- Max: 500 in each region for each account  Each Security Group can have a maximum of 100 rules/permissions.
  • EC2 Security Groups (EC2-VPC) - Up to 100 security groups per VPC.

Email Sending Limitations

In a similar way, Amazon also places limits on the amount of email that can be sent from AWS accounts.  If you plan to send large amounts of email from EC2 instances and wish to have these limits removed from your account, you can place a formal request. 

Network Interfaces (ENI) and Private IP Addresses

Amazon also imposes limits on the maximum number of Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI) per instance type, and the maximum number of private IP addresses per ENI. ENIs and multiple private IP addresses are only available for instances running in a Virtual Private Cloud.

Please see the AWS article Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI) for additional information.

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