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Why is Built-in Logging in ServerTemplates Deprecated?


RightScale is removing its current Lumberjack logging architecture from all ServerTemplates with the intention of enhancing the system logging options for customers. This legacy functionality provided a destination for instance log files, hosted by RightScale and viewable through the Logs tab in the Dashboard. This functionality is no longer supported and the new system will allow for more customizable logging solutions. Data showed that this feature was minimally utilized and as customer deployments grow more complex, the ability to use a chosen logging provider is a must.

All of the latest ServerTemplate releases (since June of 2012) have had the logging functionality removed and the Logs tab in the dashboard will soon be removed as well. For most users, no action is required, but please read on to see what your options are.

Preparing for the Change

For all ServerTemplates in the v12.11-LTS lineage or v12.11+ infinity lineage (including v13.x ServerTemplates), no action is required.

If you are using any ServerTemplates prior to the v12.11 release (June 2012), your options are:

  1. Do nothing: your log files will simply not be received by a logging server. There will be no resulting errors or impact to performance on your instances
  2. Upgrade to the latest versions of ServerTemplates. These ServerTemplates will allow you to take advantage of the latest logging features and are no longer configured to use our logging service
  3. Update your logging configuration to send log files to a different destination (such as your own Syslog Server or a 3rd party solution). We have a published script (SYS Syslog update remote log server - 11H1) you can run to change the syslog configuration.

Alternative options

If you prefer hosting the syslog server yourself, we recommend the use of our latest infinity or LTS lineage ServerTemplates. Version 13.1 of these ServerTemplates include many options including SSL support and provide a Logging with rsyslog Beta (v13.2) ServerTemplate, allowing you to host logs in accordance with your application architecture.

We are currently working with many 3rd party providers on offering their solutions directly through RightScale. Please contact your Account Manager or email for details.


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