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Why do I receive a warning about inputs even though the server is operational?

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Background Information

You just launched a Server that became operational successfully, however there is a Warning icon that says, "Next server is missing boot script inputs."  You're confused about why you're receiving this error message and what it means.




The reason you received this Warning message is probably because you just launched a Server where there were missing inputs that were required to properly execute the Server's boot and decommission scripts.  At the input confirmation screen you were prompted to provide a value for any missing inputs before you were able to continue launching the server.  You most likely clicked the Launch and not the Save and Launch button.  Since you clicked the Launch button, the provided values will only apply to the Server that you're currently running, but any future launch of that Server will still have the missing input.  So, although you were able to successfully launch a Server this time, the next time that the Server is launched/relaunched, it may become stranded in booting/decommissioning because it will have missing inputs. 

As a best practice, all inputs should be defined before you view the Inputs confirmation page.  Typically, you will inherit inputs from either the ServerTemplate and Deployment levels.  Although you can set an input at the Server level, it is generally not recommended. 


  • Launch - Uses the specified input for the current Server launch.
  • Save and Launch - Uses the specified input for the current Server launch and also saves the value at the Server level so that all future launches/relaunches of that Server will use this value.

So, if you clicked the Save and Launch button when you launched your running Server, you would not see the Warning message that's being displayed.

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