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Why am I unable to update my DNSMadeEasy records when using a DME Subaccount?

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When using a DNSMadeEasy Sub-account, you might not be able to successfully run Rightscripts that update DNS records or perform similar functions.


The reason for this is because we cannot perform dynamic DNS updates against the DNSMadeEasy API when using login informatoin for a subaccount.

To workaround this, the recommendation is to use a record level DDNS password on the record itself, which in turn should be compatible with the API calls made in Rightscale's scripts and recipes. Alternatively, you should still be able to use the primary account login credentials as well, though this isn't recommended.

To set the record level password, open up the DNSMadeEasy control panel and select the record you wish to manage. Ensure the 'Dynamic DNS' box is checked, then insert the desired password into the 'DDNS password' box, like so:


Once this password is set, you should be able to authenticate using this password and update the DNS records as needed using the DNSMadeEasy API.


Call us at (866) 787-2253 or open up a support ticket from the Rightscale dashboard under the Support -> Email link from the top right corner and we'll be happy to assist.

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