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Unable to register a specific AWS Region

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When registering an AWS cloud credential to RightScale, there are cases where a particular AWS Region fail with the following error:

"AWS account number can't be verified with these credentials."

To correct this, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure AWS is reachable using the Access Key and Secret Key
  2. The Account Number provided matches the Access and Secret Key permission
  3. Make sure that every AWS Region should have a (default) Security Group since it is required for the registration to succeed.


For item 3, you may need to login to AWS console, then go to the region where it failed EC2 Region > EC2 > Security Groups. If there's no Security Group, create one via the Create Security Group button. You may need to verify that there is atleast one security for all AWS regions and try registering the cloud credential again to your RightScale account.


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