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Openstack Cloud Setup and Registration Summary Guide



Here's a list of references arranged in order to assist anyone who desires to setup their own Openstack Cloud with the information needed to register it later to RightScale's Cloud Management Platform once all the setup is completed.

Setup Pre-requisite

This document lays down the requirement in setting up an Openstack Cloud.

Setup Guide

This guide will help anyone get started in setting up their own Openstack Cloud.


Note: Openstack EOL Versions are found here (

Register Openstack to RightScale
Add Openstack to RightScale
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isn't this just duplicating what is already here ?
Posted 19:15, 18 Aug 2014
It depends on which angle you're looking at. From a Customer's perspective, this should be helpful in finding all the resources for setting up a cloud in one place. Handy to quote in the ticket too. Being new, i did a bit of navigation to find these resources, so i'm sure for our Customers this will come handy too.
Posted 20:54, 18 Aug 2014
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