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IOPS Volume support on UCP and AWS

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Amazon EBS provides the following volume types:

  • General Purpose (SSD)
  • Provisioned IOPS (SSD)
  • Magnetic


They differ in performance characteristics and price, allowing users to tailor storage performance and cost to the needs of the applications.


At this time, RightScale tools support both the Provisioned IOPS (SSD) and Magnetic volumes. To take advantage of the faster (ssd-based) volumes , users should specify a value/count for the input/output operations per second (IOPS) input when creating the volume. This will create a Provisioned IOPS (SSD) volume. Otherwise, the volume will be created as a Magnetic (hardisk-based) volumes.


At this time, the new General Purpose (SSD) EBS volumes is not yet available due to the API calls that RightScale do not support yet but this is in the product pipeline which should be included in the next product release cycle.




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