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How do I update the nickname of a server or instance?

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How do I update a server's nickname from the Rightscale dashboard?


To update a server's nickname, simply navigate to the server by going to the Manage -> Servers menu within the dashboard. Alternatively, just search for your current server's nickname from the top right quick search box.

Once there, locate your server. Assuming your server is unlocked, you should see dotted lines underneath the server's nickname, like so:


To change the nickname, simply click on the server's nickname. It should change into an editable field, like so:


Simply change the nick name as you wish, then click the OK button to save the changes.

The process is the same for changing an instance (as opposed to a server component). To do so, simply navigate to the Clouds -> (Region or Cloud) -> Instances menu, then locate your instance and follow the above process.

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