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How do I resolve a failed repository fetch?

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Attempting to fetch a repository that's either deleted or contains improper information can result in a warning icon (screen_FailedFetch.png) that says, "Last fetch of this repository failed." This can appear if the repository you're attempting to pull from no longer exists or if you have entered incorrect repository information while attempting to add the repository to RightScale.


If you see a warning icon (screen_FailedFetch.png) that says "Last fetch of this repository failed," you can look at the Last Fetched output to see why it has failed. To do this, select the repository with the icon next to it and scroll down to the Last Fetched output section. If the repository failed because of improper information entered while adding the repository, you should see a 403 error. To resolve this, edit the repository and enter in the correct information. You can also get this error if the repository has  been deleted and RightScale, therefore, RightScale cannot retrieve information from it. If that is the case, you will see, "ERROR: Repository not found." It's best to delete the repository from RightScale and add a new repository.

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