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How can I view all support incidents from my organization?

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When viewing your Rightscale support incidents on, we can now allow access to view all support incidents for your entire organization as well as any sub-organizations. This article aims to explain how to view them from your browser.


To view all incidents from your organization:

1. Login to using your unique username/password.

NOTE: This is *not* the same login credentials as the main Rightscale dashboard. If you need to, you can view your username or reset your password as needed to gain access.

2. When granted with the landing page, click on the 'Your Account' button towards the top:

Support Home Page (1).png

3. Once you are able to view your current incidents, click on the 'See all questions' link:

Account Overview.png

4. Once you are there, navigate and click on the drop down next to 'Show incidents' and change it to 'From anyone in my organization':

Support History.png

You should now be able to view any support incidents from any user within the organization.

Questions? Concerns?

Call Rightscale support at (866) 787-2253 or email us at You can also open a support incident by using the Support -> Email link directly from within the Rightscale dashboard.

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