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How can I stop a RightScript that is stuck in Scheduling execution

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A RightScript failed (or hung) for some reason and did not exit properly.  As a result, the failed script is preventing the execution of any other scripts such as remaining scripts in a boot/decommission sequence or manually executed/scheduled operational scripts. 


It's important to remember that RightLink executes jobs one after the other so if the current job is stuck, RightLink will not proceed to the next job until the current (running) process exits successfully. However, you can cancel or stop a stuck job by grepping for "cook" in the running processes and manually killing the task.


In this example, we have the cook_runner.rb running but we need to cancel it by killing the task by specifying its process id (20699).

root@ip-10-128-81-107:~# ps aux | grep cook
root     20699  0.0  0.3  10088  6584 ?        R    09:46   0:00 /opt/rightscale/sandbox/bin/ruby /opt/rightscale/right_link/scripts/lib/cook_runner.rb


root@ip-10-128-81-107:~# kill -9 20699


If you check again, the process id should not exist anymore.

Note: RightLink may have to spawn a new cook_runner.rb for some schedule jobs so it's fine if you see the same process name again.

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