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Google SSO OpenID shutting down

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Some Customers have reported that they received a warning when they tried to login to RightScale Platform via Google OpenID. The warning is about the OpenID being replaced by OpenID Connect soon. The timeline for service shutdown is as below if you're one of the Customers that use OpenID. Migration to your preferred OpenID Connect solution must be done before the shutdown of OpenID service.


  • April 20, 2015: OpenID is shut down. A static error page will be displayed on all requests. Make sure you have migrated well before this date.


More about the OpenID Connect:


RightScale has no immediate plans to support OpenID Connect. It is suggested that users find another Identity Provider for SSO. The only service that is free and provides Multi-Factor Authentication is Symantec / Verisign Personal Identity Portal ( to prevent interruption of service.


If you are looking for more enterprise-level featuresets, you may want to consider Okta or OneLogin which uses Google as their enterprise directory and then interfaces with RightScale using SAML.  

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