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Why am I unable to register for a DNS Made Easy account?

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Some customers may receive the following error when attempting to register for a DNS Made Easy account (

"System Error: We are not accepting new members at this time."

This may occur if you attempt to register a DNS Made Easy account in a region or country outside of the United States. It does not occur because DNS Made Easy is not accepting new accounts, but rather relates to the region where you are creating the account.


DNS Made Easy blocks signups from certain countries and/or regions based on the high rate of fraud from these locations. For security reasons, they cannot accept new accounts from these particular territories.

Currently, all or part of IP addresses sourced from the following locations are unable to create accounts:

BGR     Bulgaria
IRQ     Iraq
PRK     Korea - North
IRN     Iran
CYP     Cyprus
LBY     Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
SYR     Syrian Arab Republic
TUR     Turkey
VNM     Vietnam
CHN     China
PER     Peru
EST     Estonia

If you experience problems registering a DNS Made Easy account and are in one of these regions, you will need to use a workaround:

  1. Use a proxy. Using a web proxy is encouraged and suitable for the registration process.
  2. Contact Rightscale Support. In some cases, we can create the account for you with a temporary password, which you may reset upon logging in.
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