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Why does my long-running RightScript time out or hang and result in a "stranded" server status?

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RIghtScale's legacy RightImages (Version 4 and earlier) imposed a 15-minute script timeout limit that could not be adjusted. This was originally put in place to prevent improperly written scripts from indefinitely looping or otherwise keeping the server from becoming operational. Scripts that took longer than 15 minutes to execute on servers with these RightImages potentially timed out or stalled the server or forced it into a "stranded" state.


Unfortunately there is no workaround other than to upgrade your RightImages in use to Version 5 or later. In our current RightScale images, we have included our RightLink daemon that asynchronously handles script communication, and the 15-minute timeout limit has been deprecated.

You can find a list of our latest images and ServerTemplates by monitoring our Release Notes. (See the "Compatibility Release" section for more information on our current release-naming scheme.)

As of the time of this writing, there are several Version 5.6.28 and 5.7 RightImages available that omit the script timeout. Visit the MultiCloud Marketplace to view a searchable list of all of our Images.

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