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What is the difference between the Launch option and Save and Launch option?

Background Information

When you manually launch or relaunch a Server in the RightScale Dashboard, you will view an inputs confirmation screen, which shows you a list of all the inputs that will be used by the Server's boot and/or decommission scripts when the Server is launched.  Hopefully, values for any required inputs have already been predefined for you prior to you clicking the Launch/Relaunch button and viewing this screen.  Remember, as a best practice all inputs should be defined at the ServerTemplate or Deployment levels.  See Understanding Inputs

The inputs confirmation screen is designed to show you all of the values that will be passed in for each input when the related script(s) is executed during the boot and/or shutdown phase.  Before you can launch a Server you will need to provide values for any missing inputs.  Typically, you will not have to set or change any input values at this time.  However, you do have the flexibility to make modifications to your input settings at the inputs confirmation page prior to actually launching the Server.  If you do make changes to your Inputs, it's important to understand the difference between the two launch options: Launch and Save and Launch.

So, what's the real difference between these two launch options?



Before you can launch a Server you will need to provide values for any missing inputs.

If any inputs that are used by scripts that are automatically executed for you during the boot and decommissioning phases (boot and decommission scripts, respectively), you will need to provide values for each of these inputs.  Any inputs with missing parameter information will be highlighted in red. 

If all of the Input information is correct and you do not need to make any final changes, you can click the Launch button.

However, if you need to either provide missing input information or change one of the input's values, you can either click the Launch or Save and Launch button.  So, what's the difference between these two actions?


  • Launch (Relaunch) - Use this option if you did not make any changes to the Server's inputs or if you made changes to the current Server's input settings that you do not want to be inherited by future server launches.  The specified inputs will be used to launch the current Server only.  Any modified inputs will not be used by future launches of this Server.
  • Save and Launch (Relaunch) - Use this option if you made any modifications to the Inputs and you want to preserve the modified settings (at the Server level) for all future launches of that Server.  Perhaps you provided a value for a missing input or modified the value of a predefined input(s).  With this option, the specified inputs will be used to launch and configure the current Server that's being launched, as well as preserve the modified input settings for all future launches/relaunches of that Server.  Under the "Next" Server you will find that your settings have been preserved.  If you do use the "Save and Launch" option and desire to keep the modified input value(s) for future server launches, it's strongly recommended that you eventually migrate that setting to either the ServerTemplate or Deployment level (and remove it from the Server level) to increase overall input visibility and consistency. 
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