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Why does my RightScript not finish when attempting to launch a background process?

Background Information

Upon running a RightScript that attempts to start a background task, you may notice that the script/recipe never finishes and execution hangs, stalling the boot process. This is due to the way that our Chef/Rightscript provider handles detaching from a subprocess and applies to v5 RightImages.

Note: This is for v5 Rightimages ONLY! If you are still using a v4 RightImage (now deprecated) this technique is not needed.


Daemonize wrapper

Instead of running your script as such:

/path/to/your/process &

Try using this 'daemonize' script that will properly launch a task in the background, as such:

cat <<"EOF" >/usr/bin/daemonize

cd /
( exec "$@" <&- >&- 2>&- )&

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/daemonize
daemonize <your_process>

Be sure to replace the last <your_process> with your process/task name that you'd like to start in the background. This will properly launch the service in the background in a method that is friendly to our RightScript provider.

RightScript: Run attachment in background

This is useful when a RightScript attachment is intended to run backgrounded (detached from RightLink) and its output logged to a local file.

Import Run attachment in background from the MultiCloud Marketplace for use as a RightScript in your ServerTemplate or as an Any Script/Operational Script.

Dealing with packages that launch a daemon

In RightScripts where a package is installed and the package installation (e.g. via postinst or %post) launches a daemon, you can use the following example RightScript. The script also caters for the situation where a configuration is changed and the service needs to be restarted (Chef handles this with notifications, which is a better practice).

Example: Install Jenkins CI Server w/ config change
#!/bin/bash -e

# for verification on the instance, use:
# tail -f /var/log/messages /var/log/jenkins-install.log


# log function, accepts stdin
# redirects direct to the log can pipe to this function, but PIPESTATUS needs to be checked for exit code
log () {
	echo "$*"
	printf "%s %s\n" "$(date)" "$*" >> "$log_file"
	logger -t RightScale-debug "$*"

touch "$log_file"
:> "$log_file"

# Set up the apt repo
wget -q -O - | apt-key add -
echo "deb binary/" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jenkins.list

if dpkg -l jenkins >> "$log_file" 2>&1; then
    if /etc/init.d/jenkins status | grep 'is running'; then
        log 'Stopping the jenkins service.'
        exec $(/etc/init.d/jenkins stop <&- >&- 2>&- )&

# Install the packages
apt-get -y update
# detach and background sub-process
exec $($(apt-get -y install --reinstall jenkins >> "$log_file" 2>&1) <&- >&- 2>&- )&

# race condition here due to backgrounding
# this will loop forever if the package install failed and the service didn't start
log 'Waiting for jenkins service...'
while [ 1 ]; do
	if file /etc/init.d/jenkins >> "$log_file" 2>&1 && /etc/init.d/jenkins status | grep 'is running'; then
		echo '.'
	sleep 1

log 'Setting up /etc/default/jenkins.'
# Config jenkins to listen on the ip
echo 'JAVA_ARGS=""    # make jenkins listen on IPv4 address' >> /etc/default/jenkins

# restart the daemon
log 'Restarting the jenkins service.'
exec $(/etc/init.d/jenkins restart <&- >&- 2>&- )&

# optional service check after a sleep (to allow the detached restart to complete)
sleep 5
/etc/init.d/jenkins status

log "== Install log ($log_file) =="
cat "$log_file"
log "===="
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