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How do I force clients to connect via HTTPS?

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You are using a load balancer (or front-end) ServerTemplate from the MultiCloud Marketplace and would like to redirect client HTTP requests to use HTTPS, to ensure that client requests and server responses are secure.

NOTE: Your mileage may vary depending on the ServerTemplate being used.


  1. Create a new RightScript, "WEB Apache force https," with the contents of this file.
  1. Make sure you are using an editable ServerTemplate. If you are using a ServerTemplate that you imported/subscribed to from the MultiCloud Marketplace, you will first need to clone it.  
  2. Under your ServerTemplate's Scripts tab, add the new RightScript as a boot script. This must run prior to the "WEB Apache (re)start" script and after "WEB apache FrontEnd https vhost," "WEB apache FrontEnd http vhost," and "WEB apache http-only vhost" (if present). The ServerTemplate is now ready for use with your load-balancer servers.
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