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How do I install memcached monitoring?

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Background Information

Currently the memcached plugin for collectd does not display all graphs correctly in the RightScale Dashboard. Creating a RightScript with the following script and attachments will allow you to enable monitoring for memcached so that the graphs can be properly displayed in the Dashboard.


A custom script is no longer required for Memcached monitoring. Instead, we have a fully featured Memcached server template along with a 'SYS Monitoring Memcached Add' script that ties into our pre-existing SYS Monitoring Install setup.

The 'SYS Monitoring Memcache Add' script is part of our 11H1 Compatibility release (read more here). Thus, so long as you use it with the 'SYS Monitoring Install - 11H1' script it should work properly.

The SYS Monitoring Install - 11H1 script can be found here -

and the supplemental SYS Monitoring Memcache Add - 11H1 script can be found here -

Import both of these scripts and add them (in the above order) to your server template, then re-launch the instance.

Alternatively, the full Memcached - 11H1 server template from Rightscale can be found here -

Note: The scripts above assumes that you're using default values for memcached's configuration (e.g. port 11211, etc.).

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