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How can I tell which window is which?

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Background Information

With multiple windows open, it can be confusing which window is which.  For example, when using Putty to SSH into a Production Server or a Staging Server... its not obvious at a glance which server is which.



If you insert the following snippet of code into your .bashrc file, it will use a more descriptive prompt (PS1) string in your window header.

Note:  The following has been tested under Ubuntu and CentOS operating systems, using Putty clients.

Hint:  Use the "view plain" action link in the upper left part of the code segment below, then copy and paste from the "plain text" window.

function wtitle {
   if [ "$TERM" == "xterm" ] ; then
      # Remove the old title string in the PS1, if one is already set.
      PS1=`echo $PS1 | sed -r 's/^\\\\\[.+\\\\\]//g'`
      export PS1="\[\033]0;$1 - \u@\h:\w\007\]$PS1"


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