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How do I migrate a running database to a new instance?

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Background Information

The use case for the live database and it's not running through RightScale's MySQL Manager, you may need to move your database from one machine to another.



Follow the steps below to transfer the database from host A to host B.  Important:  These instructions assume that the base MySQL database directory is /mnt/mysql.  Change your directory structure accordingly.

  1. Stop B's mysql server:
    service mysqld stop
  2. Delete or move B's DB directory:
    mv /mnt/mysql /mnt/mysql.old
  3. Create a new dir for B:
    mkdir /mnt/mysql
    chown mysql:mysql /mnt/mysql
  4. Stop A's mysql server:
    service mysqld stop
  5. Tar up A's complete mysql dir:
    cd /mnt/mysql
    tar cf /mnt/mydb.tar
  6. Copy the tar from A to B:
    scp /mnt/mydb.tar root@B:/mnt/
  7. Untar the DB at the root in B:
    cd /mnt/mysql
    tar xf /mnt/mydb.tar
  8. Start B's db:
    sevice mysqld start


NOTE: There's a MySQL bug that sometimes appears if it has to do log replay at startup.  To avoid this problem, it's best if you restart B's MySQL again.  That is, perform a start (step 8) and then do a restart.

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