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RightScale API 1.0 examples using Ruby

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Background Information

To help customers get acquainted with RightScale API 1.0 using Ruby, we have included a sample script below, depicting real-world examples of interacting with RightScale API Version 1.0. For the complete list of API commands, see the RightScale 1.0 API Reference guide.

You must supply the script with your RightScale account number, available from the RightScale Dashboard. Choose Settings -> Account Settings from the menu, then review the URI in your browser address bar. In the following example, your account number is 1234.

You will supply this account number to the script along with your RightScale Dashboard user name and password.

This wrapper requires the RubyGems rest-client, which can be installed on most systems with the following command:

gem install rest-client

The most recent version of the Ruby API wrapper can be found on

See also

Ruby API Wrapper (from the RightScale API Guide)

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