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How do I control Apache Tomcat's document root?

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I have a warfile named portal.war and when the RightScale ServerTemplates install it, Tomcat renders the files at instead of at So the document root is in /portal instead of /. How can I modify this setting?

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Tomcat will render the app based on its appbase, which is set to /home/webapps/application/releases/working/ where 'application' is the name of your application.

In order to get Tomcat to serve the files based on another context, you need to add the following directive to the web.xml file:

<Context path="/" docBase="/home/webapps/application/releases/working/portal" />

So you should add the following to the server.xml template file, which is attached to the RightScript, WEB TomCat5 configure v5.

<Context path="/" docBase="/home/webapps/@@APPLICATION@@/releases/working/portal" />

Note that "portal" in the above context assumes your warfile is named portal.war. You would replace the word "portal" with your actual warfile name (without the .war extension).

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