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What do the Events icons mean?

Background Information

The Events pane on the left-side of the Dashboard allows you to toggle on/off the various event messages depending on which ones you want to see.  By default, all icons are active and all events are shown.  If you need to know what types of events will be shown for each type (icon), review the descriptions in the following section.



The following icons represent different types of Events that can be reported in the Dashboard.

File:Hidden/Media_Gallery/icon-lifecycle.png   Lifecycle - Displays the various states of a server as they transition from pending, booting, operational, shutting-down, terminated. 
        User performed actions are also listed such as execution of scripts.  Ex: completed: Email action; operational;

File:Hidden/Media_Gallery/icon-notification.png   Notifications - Displays actions that are specific to scaling.  Ex: Resize array by (+2)

File:Hidden/Media_Gallery/icon-security.png   Security - Denotes when a server is being accessed via SSH.

File:Hidden/Media_Gallery/icon-error.png   Error - Displays failure messages.  Ex:  SSH console launch

Don't forget that you can also subscribe to an RSS feed of all of your Events across all of the RightScale accounts that you have access to. Click the RSS icon feed.png to enable the RSS feed.  


Related events are grouped together and you have control over various display options.  Selecting an individual Event provides easy access to the associated Audit Entry.

Tools Menu

The Tools drop down menu provides the following features:

  • Ability to toggle display of specific Event categories by selecting the appropriate icon File:Hidden/Media_Gallery/icon-lifecycle.pngFile:Hidden/Media_Gallery/icon-notification.pngFile:Hidden/Media_Gallery/icon-security.pngFile:Hidden/Media_Gallery/icon-error.png
  • Ability to view or filter out Event notifications from your other RightScale Accounts (by selecting checkboxes)
  • Specify how many Events per topic you wish to display (1, 3, 10 or All)
  • Mark all events as read (clears them from the display)
  • On a per topic basis you can mark events as "read" or choose to ignore them (so they are not displayed in the future)
  • RightScale Events RSS feed

Note: Events has taken the place of the limited features surrounding Recent Activity.  (Deprecated Dec 2009)


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