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What are the effects of a regular planned maintenance?

Background Information

During a "regular" maintenance, the RightScale Dashboard has a maintenance window when attempting to access it.


The RightScale "regular" planned maintenance is typically between 60 and 90 minutes. Please see the estimated downtime for each incident provided in the maintenance window notification emails sent 7 days in advance. Also, notifications are displayed in the Dashboard prior to the event.

NOTE: Look in the RightScale email notice for the date and time of the maintenance which varies depending on your environment. If you are unsure of which environment you are in, please contact


  1. You will not be able to access or manage your instances from the RightScale Dashboard. If you need to access your instances you can still ssh into them using SSH from your desktop computer or by using PuTTY. You should set these tools up in advance.
  2. RightScripts and chef recipes (operational, boot, any) will not run on your instances. If your instance is somehow accidentally rebooted, it will most likely still function. You may have to ssh into the instance and force some services to restart.
  3. The RightScale API (currently in beta) will not function. If you have written external tools to call the API, the API calls will most likely fail.
  4. Alert-based, queue-based, and scheduled autoscaling will not function. No new servers will be launched or terminated. If you are expecting a demand spike during a maintenance window you should consider launching extra servers ahead of time.
  5. Snapshots and volume backups are not performed nor can you restore a backup inside the maintenance window.
  6. S3-based LVM snapshot backups will continue to work, although you will not be able to restore a backup during the maintenance window.
  7. MySQL slaves will continue to replicate normally, although you will not be able to promote a slave to master using the Dashboard during the maintenance window. However, it can still be done manually.
  8. Splunk indexers and forwarders will continue to log data and be available.
  9. New Relic RPM is still available using the newrelic website.
  10. Although you cannot log tickets through the Dashboard, you can still log tickets by emailing Support staff will be available and monitoring requests during and after planned maintenance windows in case there are any issues that might affect you.

See also

This is a FAQ for "regular" maintenance. For "component" planned maintenance, see What are the effects of a component planned maintenance?

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