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How do I include inputs in RightScripts?

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Background Information

When writing the underlying code for a RightScript, you can enter input variables in all CAPS.



Depending on which language of the script, you must enter the input using the appropriate syntax.   Below are a few examples of how you would enter a variable named APPLICATION. 

For a ruby script use: ENV['APPLICATION']

For a bash script use: $APPLICATION

For a perl script use: $ENV{'APPLICATION'}

For a powershell(Windows) script use:$env:APPLICATION

Use the "OPT_" prefix for optional inputs that can be set to Ignore. e.g. OPT_FILENAME


Note: "EC2_" and "RS_" are reserved prefix variables specific to Amazon EC2 and RightScale.  Therefore, your variables cannot begin with "EC2_" or "RS_".  For example EC2_HOME will not be picked up as an Input variable.  However, EC2HOME will work.

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