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What does the alert notification about ps count.processes mean?

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Background Information

What does the following RightScale Alert mean? 

RightScale Alert: warning Servername processes-alert/ps_count.processes is 1.00

This is an auto-generated RightScale alert.  This message will be repeated every 24 hours while the condition persists.
You may  customize this message or add additional actions by logging in at and navigating to Design -> Alert -> Escalations and selecting the 'warning' escalation.

processes-alert/ps_count.processes is '1.00', this is > '0.0' for over 1.00 minute(s) on server ServerName of deployment DeploymentName 



This alert applies to MySQL servers and can mean one of three things:

  1. The slave database is > 60 seconds out of sync with the master
  2. The slave database backup did not complete
  3. The master database backup did not complete

To determine the actual problem you will want to do the following:

  1. If the server is a master then you can be sure the master backup is failing.  Try running it manually as an operational script.
  2. If the server is a slave you can determine if the slave is falling behind the master by doing an ssh to the server and doing the following:

> mysql


The last entry shows the seconds behind the master.  If it is Null or greater than sixty then there is a replication problem.  If it is a number less then sixty then there is a problem with the slave backup.  You can check the log files for the automated backups at:


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