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Does UCP support bundling?

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Warning: This page contains outdated or otherwise non-applicable product information, and has been deprecated. Please use the RightScale Support Portal's search feature to search for up-to-date information on this topic.


In LCP, we supported bundling through RightScale. In UCP, we do not support bundling at this time, but AWS still has the tools available to create a new AMI.


  • First, find an AMI that has the OS and kernel that you are looking for.
  • Follow the guide to install RightLink on your image, which can be found here
  • Create the image in AWS using the guides available here.
  • Add the new AMI to an MCI, as per the guide here.

There is also the "EC2 Instance Bundler Toolbox" ServerTemplate provided by the Open Source community. This is a toolbox to bundle Linux instances (Supports Ubuntu 12.04/10.04 with RightLink 5.8) in Amazon EC2. Support for this template is limited to the RightScale Community OSS forum.

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