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Can I get a list of operational IP Addresses that RightScale uses for access control purposes?



If you are setting up your own private cloud so that its resources (e.g. instances, volumes, etc.) can be managed through RightScale's Cloud Management Platform (Dashboard and API), you must configure your network with the appropriate firewall rules to allow the necessary communication of both inbound and outbound connections between RightScale's gateway and your private cloud's API endpoint. 

In order to provide better support for private clouds, RightScale will occasionally make changes to the list of hostnames and IP addresses in order to provide tighter security control when using RightScale's services.


Exhaustive List

You can always download an exhaustive list of required network connections at any time using the following link: 

Note: The exhaustive 'audit.csv' list is automatically updated every hour. 


  • C2RS - Customer to RightScale, indicates outbound connectivity from your instances/servers to RightScale
  • RS2C - RightScale to Customer, indicates inbound connectivity from RightScale to your various servers/instances

Firewalls Rules (Private Clouds)

Many users find it helpful to refer to a list of IPs and ports/protocols that are specific to your private cloud setup. Please see About Firewalls and Firewall Configuration Ruleset.

Additional Notes

On September 4, 2013, RightScale started to consolidate IPs to fixed load balancers for outbound private cloud connectivity. 

For more information regarding the ports and their corresponding functionality in regards to RightScale please refer to RightLink Ports and Protocols.

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