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As a result of the upgrade, why are there missing dependencies in my previously imported ServerTemplates

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On August 22nd, 2013, accounts were upgraded to support our Cookbooks and Repositories sections in our dashboard. For information about why this change was made, see this blog post.


As a result of this upgrade, if you have ServerTemplates that were previously imported and/or cloned, you may see missing dependencies when you go to modify the ServerTemplate. Dependencies you may see could be from packages, ruby_enterprise, or ruby.




Missing dependencies appear when a cookbook references a cookbook that is not attached to the ServerTemplate. However, the dependencies that you may see with previously imported and modified ServerTemplates (like those mentioned above) will not cause problems when launching the ServerTemplate. To ensure that all ServerTemplates were capable of launching after the upgrade, all cookbooks that were in a ServerTemplate's RepoPath object were attached to the ServerTemplate. So cookbooks that are attached to the ServerTemplates may have dependencies but those dependencies should not stop the ServerTemplate from launching. If you import a version 13 LTS ServerTemplates, these warnings will not appear unless the cookbooks you are attaching do have missing dependencies.

You can decide to ignore these missing dependencies if you see them. But if you want to remove the messages from your ServerTemplate, you can attach the missing dependencies to your ServerTemplate.


You can ignore the missing dependencies if you see this error in a ServerTemplate imported before the upgrade. Or, if you would like to remove the issue, you can attach the missing dependencies.


To attach the missing dependencies:

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the cookbook. This will find the missing cookbook dependencies of the cookbooks imported into your account. 
  2. Attach Cookbooks will display. Select the cookbook and the version of the cookbook and click Attach Selected.


  1. Once the cookbook is attached, the missing dependency message will no longer appear. You can do this for each missing dependency. 
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