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403 Forbidden error using API after migration to UCP

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After migration to the UCP (unified cloud platform) the major change for most customers is the endpoint url changes for leveraging the API on the UCP platform.  There however was a change some may encounter if basic auth was being used while on our LCP (legacy cloud platform).  Basic auth was EOS (end of support)  on 10-27-2011 but would have still been functional for accounts if they were both older then that date and associated to a premium account.  With UCP basic auth is officially EOL (end of life) and the attempt to do basic auth will result in 403 forbidden errors.


With basic auth, you're passing the username/password in the headers for each request, rather than an API call which exchanges your username/password for a token once.  You will need to do session based authentication on the UCP platform.

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