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Sign-up for RightScale

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Welcome! Thanks for your interest in RightScale. Our goal is to provide our users with the best tools possible to successfully launch and manage their applications in the cloud!  To get started, please sign up for one our RightScale plans. To learn more, please see RightScale Editions & Pricing.

If you are interested in trying out RightScale, you can sign up for our Free Edition which grants you an unlimited 60-day preview to our Dashboard. With this preview you can use features such as alerts and escalations, server arrays, autoscaling, user management, and more. After the 60-day preview, you can upgrade your account to a Free Plus edition or one of the Paid Editions. The Free Plus edition still grants you access to our Dashboard, but your account will have a 2,000 RCU limit and a $0.12 per RCU charge after the limit has been passed. If you are interested in learning about upgrading to one of our paid editions, please contact us.

  • Paid Editions - RightScale also offers several paid editions of RightScale that support all of our features such as alert, server arrays, autoscaling, and user management. Users of a paid edition of RightScale will also have access to a Support plan (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) as well as various other features not available in our Free Edition. If you are interested in learning more about the different paid subscriptions, please see RightScale Editions & Pricing or email us at


Note: All editions allow for the use of Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which helps bridge the gap between existing IT infrastructure and its public cloud. For more information, see About VPC


Enjoy, and welcome to RightScale!

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